Kitana Fan Blade (MK9) Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the LToyCreations Kitana Fan Blade kit! This guide will show you how to complete your assembly for your fans. Keep in mind, painting (silver) is optional. What you should have received: Two fans (Blue) 10 sets of Left and Right side of each blade. (If you are missing anything, please contact […]

Sword Art Online Blade (DIY/3D Printed)

Here are some the of resources if you’re looking to build one of these yourself. Wooden sword 3D model for 3D printing Filament for 3D printing Extras: Glue, Leather (If you’d like to help me out, I do receive a commission when items are purchased through the affiliate links above. Thanks!) Got the wooden sword […]

Iron Man Helmet (My first cosplay project)

We’ve all gotta start somewhere… Going back to my first attempt at Pepakura (Paper Craft) projects, started in 2013. Looking back on this build, there are a lot of things I could have improved, but didn’t know better at the time. I’ll be sure to point that out. Just keep in mind that everyone has […]

Daft Punk – Grammy’s 2017 Cosplay Costume (DIY)

I’m sure some of you may have see this wonderful artwork of Daft Punk. A friend of mine, @icknaybob, the photo when it first appeared in 2017. Being a Daft Punk fan, I said to him, “We have to make it!!” So here’s my progress on how we made out 2017 Grammy’s version of Daft […]