Going back to my first attempt at Pepakura (Paper Craft) projects, started in 2013. Looking back on this build, there are a lot of things I could have improved, but didn’t know better at the time. I’ll be sure to point that out. Just keep in mind that everyone has to start their skills somewhere…

Materials used:

Cutting out pieces and modifying each piece to fit better with one another. some pieces had to be made several times to get them just right.

In my attempt to smooth the texture, I applied a water soluble PVA glue to prevent disintegration of material when the paint is applied. After applying the PVA saw another technique on coating your foam in a resin, so I did that. (Since I coated the foam in resin, the PVA was not necessary.)

At this point I was in a rush to finish this helmet by the next convention, therefore I didn’t smooth the bumps all the way out of the resin, hence the texture. I decided to continue with the painting process anyways…

Finally, even though it wasn’t completely satisfactory, the time had come to go to the convention. Here’s a picture of me at Comikaze 2013 as Ironman/Tony Stark.

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