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What is LToy Creations about?

Who are we?

Just a team of robots seeking to make the world a better place by joining forces to make awesome stuff!! Making stuff to enjoy and enjoy making stuff here at The Hive!!

Laser Power

Glowforge Pro: Best for wood, acrylic, and leather.
Fiber Optic Laser: Best for etching metals.


Clausing Lathe: Turn all them metals!!

3D Printer Farm

FDM Printing in PLA or TPU.
• Creality Ender (5 and 5 Plus), Printrbot (Play, Plus and belt printer),
Resin printing in SLA
•Beam3D Prism

CNC Routers

Onefinity CNC: Joined Oct 2020.
3018 CNC: Litlle brother CNC. Still needs upgrades but good enough for now.

Mini Mill

He may be mini, but a mini beast is still a beast.


Last but not least, the coffee machine. Very important to the team.

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