It all started when a friend asked if I could make these, Kitana’s fan blades from Mortal Kombat 9. Challenge accepted!! Below is the reference photo I used to make the fans.

Started with the blades, I wanted to create a 3D model in order to duplicate easily. Using Sketchup, I made the model then chopped the model in half because it wouldn’t fit in my printer build space. Each blade is measured out to 14 inches.

Moving onto the design, I had to print a couple copies to test the folding techniques and the final look to the folds.

Gluing: using a combination of double-sided tape and ABS cement, I glued the blades and pattern together. The double-sided tape alone would have been good enough. I just wanted to use the glue/cement just in case since I already had it.

Finished version of 2014. After completing this task, I felt like I needed to take it to the next level…

Remake: I used the same 3D model in order to cut it on the CNC machine (positive mold). I poured casting silicone into the positive mold and created a negative mold. With the negative, I was able to cast a positive part and duplicate easily in one piece.

Final 2014 Anime Expo photo shoots.

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