Sword Art Online Blade (DIY/3D Printed)

Here are some the of resources if you’re looking to build one of these yourself. Wooden sword 3D model for 3D printing Filament for 3D printing Extras: Glue, Leather (If you’d like to help me out, I do receive a commission when items are purchased through the affiliate links above. Thanks!) Got the wooden sword […]

How to install Bed Upgrade – Monoprice Mini Select – IIIP

Looking to upgrade your Monoprice Mini IIIP printer? Here’s one modification that works wonderfully for me. Instead of using the default metal bed, I upgraded to a glass bed. Here are a few links for your convenience. Glass bed Option 1 Glass bed Option 2 Monoprice IIIP Printer (If you’d like to help me out, […]

The PRISM – Resin 3D Printer By Beam 3D

I had purchased the Prism 3D printer after it had been successfully funded via crowdfunded campaign by over 1500 backers in the summer of 2019. This resin printer creates incredible results as you can see below. If you already have one and are looking for some files that come with this printer, you can download […]

Kitana Fan Blade – First Build (MK9)

It all started when a friend asked if I could make these, Kitana’s fan blades from Mortal Kombat 9. Challenge accepted!! Below is the reference photo I used to make the fans. Started with the blades, I wanted to create a 3D model in order to duplicate easily. Using Sketchup, I made the model then […]