Making Bell Bag Plush from Nintendo’s Animal Crossing

Here’s a fun project which you’ll need four main items to construct. The links I’ve provided below are the same materials I have used.

1.) Yellow fleece

2.) Red Yarn

3.) Stuffing

4.) Stars with adhesive or Stars without adhesive

Other helpful items: Basic sewing set

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Starting with a paper template by folding it into 16ths and measuring out the radius to be 5 inches.
After opening the template back up, this is what it should look like.
Now, folding the template back into 4ths, I also folded the material into 4ths and cut it.
Notice that the material has a front side (fuzzy) and back (pattered). You want to place the front (fuzzy side) downward.
Roughly measuring out a 1 to 1.5 in border from the outer edge, this will be used as guidelines for sewing later. The one in this photo is about 2 inches which is too much. stick closer to 1 inch.
Finding the placement of the star. Now that you have your circle made, find the center of the material. (Blue chalk was marked horizontally and vertically.) the star is going to be between the center of the material and the circle previously drawn. Remember: You are drawing on the back side of the material so the star goes on the opposite side, the front.
The stars I chose had an adhesive backing which is a pro and con when sewing. It’s a pro because you don’t really need to sew it if you don’t want (although it’s better). Con because sewing through adhesive is not recommend and causes difficulty. (Buy the stars without adhesive here!)
After you’ve sewn on the star, now you’ll want to hand sew the border you drew earlier. For those of you who don’t know anything about sewing, I’ve just done a simple stitch which requires sewing through the fabric (from the back to front, and from to back, repeat) roughly a half inch apart.
Although sewing is not necessary to this project, it does hold everyone thing together much easier. Note the thread still is attached on the right side of the photo.
Get your filler and fluff it up before the next step.
Pull the attached thread to cinch up the material.
Here’s the tricky part. You’ll want to pull the thread tight without breaking it. Once you have it tight enough, tie off the thread.
I used 18 inches of yarn and used a double hitch. Place it over and pull it tight.
Tie a bow for good measure and you’re DONE!!!
Now you can make as many as you please. Have fun! and feel free to tag me in your IG post @LToyCreations.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you would like to purchase this item, I’ve left the link to my Etsy Shop below.

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