Kitana Fan Blade (MK9) Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the LToyCreations Kitana Fan Blade kit! This guide will show you how to complete your assembly for your fans. Keep in mind, painting (silver) is optional. What you should have received: Two fans (Blue) 10 sets of Left and Right side of each blade. (If you are missing anything, please contact […]

How to install Bed Upgrade – Monoprice Mini Select – IIIP

Looking to upgrade your Monoprice Mini IIIP printer? Here’s one modification that works wonderfully for me. Instead of using the default metal bed, I upgraded to a glass bed. Here are a few links for your convenience. Glass bed Option 1 Glass bed Option 2 Monoprice IIIP Printer (If you’d like to help me out, […]

Mandalorian Style Visor Clip Installation

With this kit purchased from LToy Creations Etsy Shop, all you’ll need is glue. Here are a couple different options you can use. Links have been provided below for your convenience. Option #1: Medium thickness Superglue Option #2: Extra Thick Superglue Option #3: Combo Superglue and Accelerator General link for superglue (If you’d like to […]