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Mandalorian Armor | Star Wars (DIY)

Starting out with a 6mm thick sheet of expanded PVC, also known as Sintra, I cut out a medium size set of templates found on the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club website. Used a heat gun to shape the cut plates.   The backplate took quite some time to shape, but using a heat gun, gloves

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3D-Printed Kanan’s Blaster (Star Wars Rebels)

Hey all, This is my progress on my 3D printed Kanan blaster from Star Wars Rebels. I scaled the reference photos then created the CAD in AutoDesk123D. I just printed up the first version and am fairly satisfied with it! I’m considering making modifications to make a functional trigger and possibly resin cast it after

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Liu Kang Cosplay

Starting off, I used Google Sketchup to create spikes for Liu Kang’s arm bracers.    Since I printed in ABS plastic, I was able to use acetone to smooth out the surface of the 3D print. I lightly sanded the surface first. Putting a small amount of acetone in the jar, I heated it with

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3D-Printed Kitana Fan Blades

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I 3D printed and constructed Kitana’s fans from Mortal Kombat 9.     Started with a reference picture and produced a CAD file, which is a 3D model made in the computer. Made my first print at 0.3mm; Infill didn’t make a difference. Printed in ABS with my Makerbot Replicator

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